By: Devina Cagle, Real Estate Broker


Don’t wait to sell your home!  The time is now!

Reason 1:  Inventory is very low.  Homes that go on the market and are priced right not only can receive multiple offers quickly, but might go for more than the asking price.

Reason 2: Mortgage rates are still low.  However, they are inching up!  Get pre-approved and lock in your rate so when you make an offer the seller knows your serious and you have a great interest rate!

Reason 3:Home prices are rising.  This is great news for sellers and those transitioning from one home they own to another.  Now if you are new to the market, become a homeowner so you ride the rest of the wave sellers are enjoying!

If you have any questions call, text, or email me! You don’t have to figure this out on your own! It’s what I love to do!